Friends of Springfield Park

We need YOU to help US provide Voluntary Services

to maintain Springfield Park for future generations

Planting and Maintenance of Raised Beds

As you will see in the picture to the right we take immense pride in our Planting and Raised Beds. Our Horticultural Expert Keith 

(who is also Vice Chair) runs a tight ship but everyone loves working with him and learning about all the plants and soon to come Vegetable Beds which we know will be a hit with the kids young and old !

Litter Picking help

We believe the importance of litter and rubbish removal is essential to Springfield Park being one of the best Parks in Liverpool. Our members and local public never let us down when we have one of our Litter Picks. It has become a social event as well as an essential exercise in looking after our Community Park. The kids love it and we think it is also educational.

Education and Springfield Park

We are now actively looking to partner with educational organisations to deliver both standard and ecological education workshops on the Park. If you would like to partner with us please use the contact page. We would love to hear from you. The children and young people of the community are the future of Springfield Park.

Local Partnerships to Keep Springfield Park Public

The Friends of Springfield Park have always worked with local groups and with the neighbour of the Park Alder Hey Children's Hospital. In these days of uncertain funding for Liverpool City Council we will be doing everything we can to coordinate and work with local groups in the best interests of the community, the Park and the Council. We believe in partnerships. We believe in a Public free to use Springfield Park.

Please contact us now and join us at our next 

Litter Pick or Planting session

or just for a Walk in your Park

A Community Group looking after our Communities Park

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