Friends of Springfield Park

The History of the Park

Are you interested in local history? Springfield Park has a fascinating history. We are currently working with the Facebook group, Knotty Ash and Broad Green, History and Memories. Many thanks to James and the other administrators for working with us and allowing us to use their information and photographs. If you can make any contributions to this page, we would be very interested in hearing from you.  Here are a few photos from James to whet your appetite.

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Springfield House during WW 1. Photo taken by the War department.

Here's another classic of Springfield Park in it's heyday

Here's a photo of a group of ladies watching something that is happening in the park.  It was taken around the time of WW1.

Springfield Park and Springfield House

Springfield Park was once the grounds of Springfield House, one of many expensive and out-of-town Victorian properties in the area. 

The park’s obelisk, a monument to Nelson, was intended as a gift to Liverpool from one of its residents. The man, a sugar merchant called Mr Downward, had his gift rejected (dismissed as a ‘half Nelson’ by some wag on the council). So he decided to put it up in his own back garden, this being the grounds of Springfield Park.

In 1907 the park was bought by the city council for £14,000, and it’s been a public space ever since.​Click this text to start editing. 

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